Golden Hour

Artist: Marloes de Kiewit
Land: The Netherlands
Materials: Mixed media

This beautiful Art Deck is handpainted by Marloes de Kiewit. With her amazing line- and dotwork and trademarkt elements of femininity, nature and motion, she has created an alluring piece of art. Take some time to admire this artwork and experience the Golden Hour.


Availability: Available!

This Art Deck was commissioned by Rolling Vinyl. The artist was entirely free to create whatever he or she wanted to, resulting in a very personal piece of art. A one of a kind hand-painted skate deck.

The Art Deck comes with a FREE wall mounting system and includes a beautiful handwritten card by the artist, with the artist’s signature.

This skateboard will be sealed and very carefully packed before shipment (worldwide shipping!).

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 80 × 20 × 3 cm

The artist

Marloes de Kiewit from Rotterdam (The Netherlands). After six years of working at various companies in the fashion industry, she decided to change course. Without a professional creative background, Marloes threw myself full-time into my passion and where here talent lies: drawing and painting. She makes wall and window paintings and (digital) illustrations for private individuals and companies. Her strength lies in strong line- and dotwork with an emphasis on femininity, nature, and flows. At the moment she focus on gaining new knowledge on materials, techniques and working with color, to apply this new knowledge into her style and develop herself further into an autonomous artist.

The Canvas

The skate deck that forms the “canvas” of this artwork is a piece of art in itself, being handmade by Jeroen in the workshop of Karate (Rotterdam, the Netherlands). After seven layers of wood have been pressed together and have dried for four weeks, the board gets its final form at the hands of a very skilled and passionate craftsman. This way we can offer you a 100% unique and handmade artwork.

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